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An early morning visitor

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The dogs walked an 8' circle around him. Maybe they had a previous encounter. I'm guessing he/she has a 10-12 inch shell and a total length of 18-20 inches. Two years ago I saw a snapper more than twice this size in the pond out back. Maybe an offspring here.
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Don't know if I'd be wanting to raise hatchlings from a snapping turtle Jill. If our climate was different I would love to have a large tortoise here on the property but I read that they wouldn't withstand the long hibernation. Besides they live way too long and I don't know if any of my kids would want one willed to them. Are you heading to Jekyll for the summer?


I once had a hatchling which I "raised" until he was old enough to have an attitude. His name was Snappiness....precious little guy! I turned him loose in a remote area by a wonderful brook. I imagine he is quite happy now. I've had several species through the years....subject matter of some of my woodcarvings and pen and inks. do love turtles!!!


You may be right donnebrook but if he's old he is small for the species. The pond is about 200 ft. away from where he is but some of it is through very high grass. I'm sure he must have found his way back by now. I wasn't about to go and pick him up that's for sure.


This guy looks old, if you count the scales on his back. Yes, we've seen a few travel through our yard to the pond, about 1/4 mile away.


Thanks Barb, Lunie and Francine. Yes, I'd be happy not to see this one again. I doubt this one came to lay eggs Francine. From what I've read they don't mature till the age of 10-12 and this one looks much too small to be that old. It was still big enough to intimidate me and the dogs. lol.


At our previous house, we'd see the turtles come out of the canal and make a hole with their tails in order to lay their eggs. What I found interesting was that the turtles took their turn, with only one at a time. Sometimes she wasn't satisfied with her hole and would start all over in another spot.


His size could be a!


Let's hope it is the last you see of it, Edie. :-)


Lorna when the small sliders find their way up here I usually pick them up and put them back in the pond. However I know the reputation of these guys and they can move quickly when they want to so I stayed about 6 feet away and used the zoom. Last I saw of it it was heading across the lawn back in the direction of the pond.


I'm with Ardy - I'd be happy not to have this particular visitor too!


They are abel and you can't really see it here but he's completely covered in green algae so they are difficult to spot in the pond. The previous owner had told me about the really big one who lives back there and had said on several occassions it had come out to the garage area where there are beds covered with gravel and laid eggs.


No Ardy. This guy was on the lawn right beside the dog run so when I went to let out the dogs this morning they spotted him right away and tiptoed around him to head out back to the fields.


I had to google this , Edie, as I have never seen one! An evil looking thing with a temperament to match. :-)


Hope he wasn't headed for your pool by the house. Luke and Cole are smart dogs. Thanks, Edie. Not a visitor that would be really welcome I think.

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