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I was mesmerized by this one!

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Isn't this amazing, what do you think, 100% nature or man staged the beauty?

I can see myself like Alice and walking in to explore.
What about you?
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  1. TheHok1:41
  2. Ianto1:44
  3. Norsos11:53
  4. Jaz552:03
  5. Hornxy2:11
  6. bob19572:14
  7. amadeus352:28
  8. Lizajune2:28
  9. SuperT2:29
  10. RozF2:38


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Dj I can always use the company for exploring or walking, not only I prefer sharing but I am a chicken not brave at all! (*‿*)


This is better than the rabbit's hole. I'll join you when you go exploring if you want.

I love how nothing goes to waste with Mother Nature. When something dies, something else is born. :-)) dj




It`s certainly a nice home to some creation!!


Come on Petra, I am sure you are braver than you think, plus there is no harm in a fairy garden. And as for the size, the fairies magic takes care of that. There are few different sides of us... I enjoy a movie /series of detectives/mystery as much as a children's movie like Paddington or the like.


That's true Clive and thank you!


I`m a coward. And too big :O)


Birds and I do me real birds are great "planters" using both ends of their bodies to excite us all Thee Hee.
Nice puzzle Birb.


It is possible someone created a fairy home in the cavity of this tree. Appropriate plants are used and trimmed as bonsais to accommodate the space and some people is really good with moss. The sign of "for rent" would not last. (*‿*)

How FUN!! I agree this is 100% nature! I can visualize the progression, with some loving creature making a home in this notch for her children, bringing in food, leaving behind the right mixture of seed and love to create this lovely setting. I do believe there is a story here and YOU should write it! Thank you for sharing this piece of joy!

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