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Themes "Antiques"

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1937 green Bakelite Mullard radio
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Thank you.


Thank you Warbler for your comment. I'm glad you like the puzzle.


Hi Janet, you are of the lucky ones who still have old radios and listen to them. We used to have one when I was a kid, but eventually my parents got rid of it when TV appeared. A great mistake.


You are welcome, Jillian.


Hi Eva. Thank you for sharing this nice memory with us. Listening to the radio was the one and only means of entertainment till the appearance of the TV. Everyone listened to it and there were times where the whole family gathered around it to listen to something more important.


You are welcome grandmajojo, I'm glad you like it.


Hi MagsCC. From 1900 till the '40s, everything was a work of art but not really for those who lived during these times, but for the later generations. This still happens : Things we use today might be collectors items in 50 yrs time.


Cute little radio, from the day when radio was a really big deal.


A fabulous old radio thanks Marina. We have two tall oldies in our home which my husband did up and they did work too. He has a whole lot more in our shed! One day.... Hugs.


That’s great, thanks Marina


The only entertainment back then and I remember visiting my Grandparent and they were listening to a stage play and you had to be quiet ☺️ Thanks Marina for the memories..Hugs my friend❤️❤️


That's so beautiful. Thanks, Marina, for sharing!


From the era where everything was a work of art.

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