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When I was in Montana this fall I bought something in an antique store for Sue's birthday the following week. The store had this cat running around the shop. It was an adopted "pound animal" so she didn't know its history but felt the cat was at least part of a breed called, Maine Coon. Notice the large black tail that wraps around this beautiful cat's body.
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Have to agree with all the comments below. One very beautiful shop cat. He is lucky to have such a great home. ek


dblay, thanks, I just now remembered you have a "kitty photo" for your thumbnail photo on this site. Terry


Such a BEAUTIFUL cat and with such stunning eyes. This is a perfect photo, Terry, and I agree that the owner might be very pleased to have a copy. It is such an incredible color and that tail -- Wow!!!! Thank you for sharing this amazing cat and the puzzle was fun, yet a little challenging at times. :-))


Terry. Olsen is a common surname / family name in both Denmark and Norway. In Sweden they would say Olsson. My cat was only called Olsen, no first name. Vips


What a gorgeous cat! If I was the owner, I'd love to have a print of this!


jignjw, perhaps the kitty's owner would like a print. Terry


olando: Vips, since you are from Denmark, was his name Ollie Olsen? Or is that a Swedish or Norwegian name? Terry

Oh Terry!! What a regal, elegant kitty and your photo is fantastic!! I LOVE this photo and I'm sure the kitty's owner would also love it. Would you consider making prints for sale? Nancy


It looks just like my late cat. He was also adopted, and I knew nothing about him until we met. I believe he was Maine Coon too, the best cat I have ever had. He's name was Olsen, don't ask me why, it just came to me when we drove him home. Vips

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