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Autumn brings out strange looking critters!

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Ichneumon Wasp - Adults are active during summer in mixed deciduous woodlands. Females locate pigeon tremex wasp larvae deep in tree trunks, using their antennae to detect the scent of a fungus that associated with the larvae. They penetrate the trunk with a 3" ovipositor, secrete a chemical that breaks down the wood, and lay eggs on the larvae. The grublike ichneumon larvae feed on and kill the pigeon tremex larvae.


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Northern Illinois Treker.


Where do you reside lyndee?


Amazing little creature!


Thanks everyone for stopping by. This is the first time I have ever seen one of these also and had to look it up to find out for sure what it was. It was in the doorway of the garage.


Great shot Lyndee but I am glad I don't see them around here!


Nice shot, I don't recall seeing these, lyndee.


Fantastic photo thanks Lyndee, we have them here too. Great info too. Hugs.


Hope they don't bite.
Nice find and picture.


Wow! Quite complicated reproductive cycle they have, but obviously it works for them as we can see in your photo....thank you Lynde, it was very interesting to learn this about the wasp :)


I've seen them Lyndee, Thanks or the explanation!


Does the tail keeps it in balance all the time, just like kites?

Didn't know about this interesting lifecycle! Thank you.


Wow! Makes you wonder how it manages to fly. Thanks for the info too.


My! What a long tail you have!!!!