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Happy times!

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Autumn has always been my favorite season -- the color, the brisk air, outdoor football games, apple butter & apple pie. When we lived in Maryland, we had a little cabin in West Virginia and fall weekends there were pretty much close to heaven, as far as I was concerned.

Today's offering of the cartoon strip, "Mutts", sort of brought everything about fall into perspective for me. I hope you will think this, too. Stay safe & well & sane, my Jigidi friends! ♥☺♥☺♥


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♥♥☺♥♥ Autumn inspires the inner child for sure. Today for play I was floating yellow maple leaves in a rain puddle. Mutts are the best!


@Joan_2 -- we must have 'cross posted' ☺ Your reason for loving autumn is poetic. ☺


Thanks for your comments, peeps!

@roseh and @silverfox19134 -- I, too, moved from a lovely 4 season area of the country (Maryland) to one that doesn't provide too much differentiation (Oklahoma) See my profile for my interpretation of OK 'seasons'! ☺

@irisriver, m'dear, I love that you still celebrate your inner child like this. Glad to know that you like "Mutts" as much as I do. ♥♥♥


Autumn is my favorite season.
The reason is that the world "opens up" and I can see things that have been covered all spring and summer long.

HI Carolee, I live in Florida. I miss the season fall going into winter. I was born and raised in New York and seeing all the colors of the trees turning yellow, reds, orange was always a beautiful sight. Florida has it's own beauty, the flowers are always in bloom year round. No leaves fall from the trees unless it's dying.I've never seen that comic strip here in Fl. Stay safe and stay well your JIGIDI friend


I love this comic strip and you are right about the charms of fall. I have to be honest that I miss the warm days of summer though. One thing I like about fall is walking through a huge bunch of leaves and the swishing crunch under my feet. You be safe too dear friend! grins!☺


Thanks okieclem. I grew up in Ontario, Canada and Autumn has been my favorite season. Was disappointed when I moved to the west coast, missed the leaves changing colour, better now I have trees and shrubs in the garden that provide colour.