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Back with her babies

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Yesterday was not a good first day back into rescuing. By 5:00 pm mom had still not gone to feed the babies and they were crying. I decided that I would have to cage her with the kittens. One hour later I finally got her back into the carrier and moved her out to the barn where I still have maternity cages set up. I let her settle in and then returned the babies to her. This morning she had eaten and drank and was nursing the kittens. She is very frightened. Too much shuffling around in just a few days and who know's if she's ever been a house cat before. She seems much more content back in confinement. Other than a few scratches I escaped unscathed. Now we'll have to wait and see how things work out from here. I'll be busy with company today but will pop on if I get the chance.
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She is still scared donnebrook. Thanks


She looks both scared and relieved at the same time. The best to you!


Not quite megabelle, but thanks for the thought. ☺︎


you are a saint!!!


Thanks both of you. We're all still hanging in there. Just came back from feeding her. I'll post a picture soon. ☺︎


After reading your last comment, Edie, I saw what Florrie said and was thinking the exact same thing.


Thanks Wendy and Jan. I'm not sure what's going to happen with these guys. Yesterday evening I was forced to remove both her shelf and her box in order to get her to lay down with the kittens. This morning she was with them but she lays curled in a ball. The kittens are crying and crawling all over her trying to nurse. A couple of them were nursing but she has 6 kittens so she needs to stretch out for them. I tried to move her into a better position but she'd have none of it. The kittens at this point don't seem dehydrated. I'll have to go out even more often than before and check on them. I hate asking the rescue to take them back since they didn't have a spot for her in the first place.


So very frightening for her, so very exhausting for you and so very uncertain for the kittens. You have your hands full right now. Will be sending good thoughts your way! :)))


I figured that is what you'll have to do if she doesn't nurse them.


I don't think that would work. The local shelter here is always full beyond capacity and the rescue I volunteer for isn't even in my town so I don't think that would be an option. I'm heading out there again now and I hope she's with the kittens. If they end up having to be bottle fed I will return them to the rescue.


Ohhh, that's not such good news, Edie. Well, the other thing I thought of, and also didn't mention because you have enough on your hands, is seeing if the local animal shelter has a mother cat that's just finished feeding her own kittens (finished weaning them). I don't know how common it is that another cat will take on a different litter, but it was what came to mind as a solution.


Even the first day she was here I could handle the kittens and she could care less Wendy. She's very young and doesn't seem to have a strong bond to them. I usually go out to the barn 4 times a day to check on her. This morning she was with the kittens, but at noon and now she's laying up on the shelf of the cage away from them. I'm just hoping that between my visits she feeds them. I'll check after dinner again and check the kittens to make sure that they still feel hydrated.


It's wonderful that she's already letting you handle the kittens, Edie. After hearing that, I'm sure all will go well. :-)))))))))))


Thanks PJ, Mrgoodboy and Wendy. She seemed a little more relaxed when I went up this morning and doesn't seem to mind at all that she's in a cage. I'm hoping that by the time the kittens are mobile she'll be comfortable enough so that I can leave the door open and let her out into the loft. She also seems fine with me handling the kittens. I always use boxes for the cats Wendy and often use puppy pads for birthing. I like to be able to through stuff away and keep the laundry down to a minimum.


I should have said something right off the bat. Although our cats love being outside, they absolutely love being in boxes in our house so we have a few cardboard boxes laying around. I think it gives them a sense of security. I think as long as the momma cat has plenty of food and water, she'll be fine. :-))))))))))

We need to keep praying that their little lives get better and better .


Oh Edie, you are so good with animals - and I am so relieved that she is eating and feeding her little kittens. Yes, she may need a lot of time before being able to relax, to feel at home.... and Edie, I think she will feel the good atmosphere you bring to all :-))))))))))


Thanks everyone for your comments. So far so good. The loft remains at a comfortable 23C (73F) right now and with the two fans I have going up there Mom and kittens seem to be fine. I don't see any real spikes in temperature for the next two weeks so I may be able to leave her where she is. If and when it gets too hot I'll have to decide whether to bring her back into the house or move her to the main level of the barn. For now I'm just happy that she's feeding them instead of me. ☺︎


I am happy they are all back together. And you can relax a bit now.


So glad it all worked out. Poor her and the kittens. Poor you, patient and tenacious one. Well done. ☺


I hope everything works out well. God bless you, for taking such good care of them!!!


So happy to hear and see that she and her babies are together. Let's hope she soon relaxes in your wonderful care, Edie. :-)


Poor scared girl, but at least she is feeding both herself and her kittens. Thanks Edie.


I love you dear Edie.


I'm glad for you and for her and for the babies. Thanks, Edie. Enjoy your company. ♥


Aww .. cute kittens ...


Great news, Edie. Fingers crossed.

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