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Strasburg, Lancaster county PA

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From the Amish country buggy calendar. Have fun, Dave
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Glub glub glub. We've been getting heavy rain on and off for the last four days or so. Too late for crops but much needed for water table. Anyway, have good week see you in the eve's, Dave


At least in Shippensburg your head is out of water. Oh yes; Bomber is neat. Thanks. ;-)


HA! Its Sunday eve and I am TIRED. 1 1/2 hr's. EEEEEast of me. Shippensburg PA. You gonna be ok if I nickname you "Bomber"?


An hour and a half west of you. Does that put you in the Delaware River? A transplant from Jersey (four miles from Philly), I'm 12 miles northwest of Scranton--on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Love it. :-)


Thanks Bom. Strasburg is like 1 1/2 hr's. west of me. Didn't know, am assuming, you were a fellow "PA in ite". I just made that word up so you know. Have a good Sunday eve.


The poor horse gets to stand in the rain.

I was in Strasburg just last week. A cornfield edged the highway with a strip mall on each side of the field. An Amish family had a farm wagon with two mules wedged on the thin strip of grass between the cornfield and the highway. The mules stood patiently while the woman in long dress stood in bare feet on the wagon, controlling the mules. The man and two young boys (dressed in black with dark maroon and blue shirts) were cutting the corn stalks and stacking them on the wagon. 21st century was zipping on by them; their land increasingly bought up by the strip malls. Nice puzzle, Dave.

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