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Round Table with No Knights--SMALL

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  1. monza0061:29
  2. caanan1:49
  3. Abolvig1:52
  4. w84itslywbt2:00
  5. spiderchck2:07
  6. fun4me2:17
  7. krkarnes2:34
  8. RandomWorship2:43
  9. miana2:46
  10. Chikkee2:57


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Judy I am pleased to hear you won your dr. over, and its great that's she's going to allow the other eye to be scheduled, you must be delighted. Hopefully you are feeling less groggy now, and if the puzzle you posted today is a good judge, your eye is becoming less blurry. I am so pleased you posted the other one


To be honest, I already had this one made, wondering if it was worthy to post. I did so yesterday (my time) and got immediate hits, so I am pleased thanks to all of you: Kirsten, Mandy, Wendy and PJ. You sure know how to brighten my day. I may post one that I made today. I'm not sure now good it is, but I tried.

My eye is healing but still blurry. I must take drops 4 times a day with 4 different medications in different combinations each time. I had to make a chart, and that was a challenge, because I was still groggy. My dr. saw me yesterday ans is well pleased. Said I could schedule the other eye during my next appointm't eight days from now. I'm excited. And the dr. likes me now. Yes!


Incredibly beautiful Judy. Love it, both colors and design. So glad to se you back at Jigidi.


Judy, you picked the perfect title for his, and I love the colors and actual kaleidoscope. I hope your eye is healing nicely. If this is an indication, then your eye is. :-)


This is a lovely round table, those soft greens with the splashes of brighter colour to set them off work really well together. Thanks Judy :~)


Nice!! Thanks Judy! And I'm kinda glad the pesky old knights aren't cluttering up your kaleido. LOL :)))

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