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A wee bit of rain from Isaias yesterday.

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Wow! It is quite a lot. A welcoming rain helps everyone and makes every plant happy.


Wow, thats a bunch... dampened things up a bit....


How wonderful Suzy (Aussies always love rain) but I hope it wasn't too wild. Thanks and hugs. ♥


Wow, that's what we need here, I should have put my order in sooner for at least half ☺ Happy for you to receive good rain and no damage Suzy.




Ouch, hope he gets it on soon. ♥


Good to hear that it didn't amount to the forecast for you, Ed.
Now you can focus on keeping the skunk off your deck. :)))


Suzy, we had some gusty wind & a smattering of rain. Really not all that much.


Sometimes the forecasters of weather are correct, smllpkg. :)

Pulling weeds was SO MUCH EASIER today, Barb! Amazing how "concrete" turns to soft soil.

Yes, it is, Fishes. Did you fare okay with the storm?

We were a bit taken aback when we saw the gauge this morning Lorna.

Fine we are here, Toto. Hope all is well with the family and that they made it through without issues.

Happy to hear you have your power back!! Last I knew, the kid still has no power, Saavik. What a time for CMP to have their website down so you can't check on the status of outages.

Exactly, Faye. I was a bit concerned about some of the huge pine trees we have--with the dry weather, then all the rain and wind---I was waiting for a blow down.

Sunshine and good times, Willy! :))))


We had lots of rain yesterday, this morning only grey and now sun is shining and Isaiah is gone from here.


WOW! Just think what would have happened if you didn't have all that vegetation around! Glad you're AOK! ❤️❤️❤️


Yup we lost power for a few hours, hope your son has gotten his back on. ♥ :-)


So all's good and green. Nice to have you checked off my list. I still waiting for couple of Jack's relatives to check in.


Wow, you certainly copped it!


The earth is smiling......


Great to hear that you got some needed rain but no damage from Isaias. Thank you for sharing your good news, Suzy. Let the garden grow! ☘️☀️


Whoa! That's what the weatherman predicted. All we got was a good soaking.


You are very welcome, Pam!

That's right, Sandi. It rained steadily for a long while.

No damage, no limbs down. How did you make out on the Cape, Ed?

At the moment, Alias, the sky is blue the sun is shining and it's a fine day out there!

Only a few leaves came down, Beth. And they may have been from the neighbor's trees. LOL

Have been pulling weeds from between the pavers on the path, Ardy. The soaking the ground got makes it SO much easier!!

The "middle" lawn seemed to thrive from the rain, Saavik. LOL Our son has been without power since 7 PM-guess that area of Maine got hit pretty hard with outages. Guessing you have power since you're on line. ;) Enjoy the day!

It's strange how it rained in certain area, Lucy and Francine. There were big orange blobs that kept passing overhead yesterday on the radar in a narrow band. We happened to be in the band.

Rain barrel is full, Judy. The gardens are happy!!

The flowers liked it, Lunie!


Same here Suzy!


That's a big drink! Hope you were able to use it.


We got less than that.


we were much luckier only 1.80"


Youch, I bet your grass will like it :-) Hope you don't have to mow soon, our grass didn't grow but when we started getting a lot of rain it went nuts & we had to mow a lot more.


You got a good inch more than I did, Suzy. Don't know about up there but it's a beautiful day here. Happy weeding. ☺♥


That's a lot of water Suzy. I hope you have no damage. ♥♥♥


Wow - hope your trees survived. :))

115 mm is a lot! How are things now?


No damage, I hope?


Yikes, Suzy. That looks like 4 1/2 inches. Wow!


Does indeed look like at least a "wee" bit of rain, Suzy!
Thanks for interesting puzzle. :-))

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