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Phone emoticon. Have fun, Dave
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  1. Dclo0:56
  2. inny1:01
  3. emilym1:02
  4. jennylmoon1:05
  5. impman661:11
  6. mble1119111:14
  7. ixony1:15
  8. Yose1:17
  9. leslieg1:20
  10. octhomasad1:21


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Thanks you guys. I have another scrumptious fake treat to post tonight. Get your Scott towels ready for drool on your keyboards, D


could even be sticks of peppermint candy...


LOL I can identify with Dclo logic!!! Stale cookies+ milk = yum Really Stale cookies + hot cocoa made with milk = yummy :-)


Yum, yum! :)


No clue on what pirouette means but, by Dclo logic, anything immediately in front of the word cookies = Delectable! (even stale, got milk?) Thanks emilym, D


Dave, yes, that's ice cream and I believe those are pirouette cookies.


I THINK it's supposed to be ice cream but I have no idea why there's a straw in it? Thanks pasta/mega, D


Make mine a double ;-D


looks good enough the eat...well, almost....

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