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116. Across Canada (small)

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A drive around Prince Edward Island...south-central of many personalized mailboxes

In June we travelled by rail from Vancouver (British Columbia) to Montreal (Quebec) where we spent five nights. We then took an overnight train to Moncton (New Brunswick). Next we drove to Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton (Nova Scotia), and flew home from Halifax.
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It was, Nancy. Hard to imagine that it was so long ago! ❤️

And obviously well-cared for, Suzy. Got your e-mail...have fun...hope the weather's great! ❤️❤️❤️


Love this one, Faye. Crisp, clean and creative. :)


Yessss! LOL ;-DDD That must have been a fun experience, Faye.


I volunteered at Expo 86 in Vancouver, Nancy. I was usually stationed at the Kodak Bowl where the RCMP Musical ride performed for the five months of the fair. You would have been in your glory! ;DDD


Well, if it were Paul Gross a la "Due South" on my heels, I might be persuaded to give in with a good grace. (Handsome as ever if his imdb pic is anything to go by) :-DD

*whisper*.....BTW, I think I still have the RCMP badge/pin I got from a Mountie in a pin trade at the Calgary Olympics. Ssshhh....don't tell.... LOL




I'll lie low for a while ........... well, lower than usual .........


Well, Mr. Smarty Pants, you didn't have to break and just had to lift the latch! You better be looking over your shoulder forever now...tampering with the Queen's mail is a Federal offence...and you know the RCMP always get their man...and there are only two ways off the Island without passing through oui man, run!!! ;DDD

P.S. Perhaps you and your trike could hide in the trunk of our car...


As I didn't have a key, I had to break this one open to collect the mail, which I have duly scattered to the four winds.

It WAS a collection box, wasn't it?


Ardy and Nancy...there were a number of other really original an Atlantic salmon...but I spotted them as we whizzed by on a busy road or there was no place to turn around, so I missed them. Now that I know they are there...NEXT time I will start a collection! :DDD


What ringleader said. Delightful! :-))


Great!!!! Wonderfully creative mail box. Thanks for spotting and capturing it, Faye. ♥♥

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