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Cross stitch roses and fan.

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Thanks for sharing. Here is your html-code:

Why are you reporting this puzzle?

Can you find the mistake I made in this cross stitch? I have to find it before I can finish this!


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Posting the finished project will give me the push to finish it. Right now I'm working on crocheting a number of lap afghans for Christmas gifts for residents with no families in a care home.

I agree with mble111911, solving the problem with your own creativity makes it unique. You have created a beautiful piece so far, how about giving us another puzzle of the finished piece, would be nice to see your solution.


Thanks allie. When I get it done I'll frame it. It is pretty good size about 15"x10". I watched a video on bobbin lace and was in awe. It's beautiful but I could probably mess it up!


I think it's absolutely wonderful - well done! work of art! what will it be when u finish it? do u frame it or maybe it's a cushion cover? I love craft work. Used to do embroidery but now I'm only doing bobbin lace.


mble, that's what I did. Miscounted the large space between the 2 blades. I have to adjust one of the fan blades so the xxx insert will fill in the space without what looks like a bump.
I'll work on it and see what happens.

Thanks Francamia.


Looks good to me lockcutter................

The only mistake you can ever make in cross stitch is to mess up the count when you jump large spaces. Other than that, you can always correct whatever is wrong by just balancing it with more wrong stitches on the other side. Be bold, create your own small changes and no one can ever say it is a mistake. Looks lovely to me. Keep on stitchin'!


Thank you Annetta.
barbora, I want to find (I think I know about where it is) and fix my mistake on the left before I finish the right side. I hope my reply is close to what you said in your comment.


Chybu?Snad nedošitá stuha vpravo od spodního tmavého květu.Ale nevadí, je to krásné :-)


What I see is nice??