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russian scrabble

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15 pieces
50 solves
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Fascinating, and beautiful image. Thanks!


I hadn't thought of scrabble in other languages. Very interesting.

Way Cool!! ... Sherry :)))

It means "bird".
Don´t know Russian, but it looks almost the same like in Bulgarian, which we are learning, пътица.
Cyrillic is a very phonetic way of writing. Actually, the alphabet is the funniest part to learn. The grammar is another pair of shoes!


Too bad you can't see everything ... you can't see much from this bird.


Oh well done :))


Haha! good point!!

Theres' always SESQUIPEDALIANESQUE so maybe there are some in Chinese too.


Very different, I doubt that there are many words , if any, with seven syllables. So you possibly couldn't get a 50 point bonus for using all your tiles.


LOL wonder how well it works - and how analogous to our experience of the game.


They do have Chinese scrabble.....


sort of words and sort of syllables.

But, Pinyin is a sort of super simple Chinese with symbols for sounds - so except for 'V' which they don't use, the latin alphabet is covered.

That said, I still can't find a picture of it.

Cyrillic always looks to me like someone trying to write who is utterly smashed.


Me either I thing chinese characters are words or phrases, maybe both!


LOL now I need to look that up! I'm not sure it could be done.


Will probably be easier than Chinese!

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