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Oh boy

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Saw this on Twitter today. The smoke chemical cloud above the train derailment in OH. Im like 250? miles east of here. I pity all those so directly in the wake of this catastrophe. For the first time in like eight years I wont be typing "Have fun, Dave" at the end of the puzzle intro. This is very bad. Dave
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Gee I wonder why that photo hasn't made it onto main stream media? I read several conservative sites and I hadn't see it anywhere. Thanks for posting.

SECOND accident like that, if i am right....and then they say: go back home, all will be fine....horrible


Sorry for any confusion. I shouldnt have assumed eveyone would know I meant the train wreck in the town in OH, duh. My point is most people dont know just how bad this is. Okee doke. Thanks land ";"


Dave, I was just bumbling along in the dark. What I learned by going beyond the Twitter post was that they were NOT talking about the Middle East, it's East Palestine, Ohio, and the photo was 11 days old. 😊


Too many non-media/"home grown" photos on twitter/social for it to not be real. Thanks everybody. D


Bad stuff. Prayers for those in the area. :)


I wouldn't believe anything I saw on Twitter postings, but I looked up the real story, and it's in Newsweek...
Taken from an airplane over East Palestine OH by a passenger on Feb. 6, 2023.

We are close enough to hear the RR switching station a mile or two cross country from us. It's scary what they haul on these trains. What a twist of fate that these people helped someone filming a disaster movie a year ago about this very thing, evacuated from your homes and afraid to go back.


This is so-o-o scary! Prayers to everyone encased in this area!
Dusty 😠 🙏


"I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."

Thanks for the photo Dave. I'm about 63 miles west and didn't realize how close it is.
Join you red in prayers for all affected.


So much I could say about this, but we're suppose to play nice on jigidi. I am praying for all those affected. So awful.


That is deeply concerning!! Terrifying! And nobody knows what the future holds!


Thank you for showing all of us. This is very bad!



Thanks for showing how man can create havoc to the earth we live on. There is the evidence that we are harming the world we live in.

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