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2016 Wintersports 1

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I *think* that the artist is the same for both, but I can't tell, and the interwebz, while interesting to look at, were not a good source of info. The snowball one is by Armand Vallee, for sure. They are both early 1920s.

Side note: there are lots of weird / sort of scandalous / more than a bit disturbing images, if one searches for some combo of: art deco ladies on skis winter la parisiene. Some of them will appear in my next puzzles; some, not so much. We shall see....
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  1. askidmore124:22
  2. sansever35:40
  3. emandcraig35:57
  4. duchessp38:06
  5. Lorif39:56
  6. doubletrouble40:42
  7. tycerrig41:05
  8. jjakovcova46:25
  9. Mikins47:02
  10. lschroeder6148:25


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