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Easter Sunday gift

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On Easter Sunday a neighbour put this beautiful pot of lilies on my sister's porch. After they finish blooming this year, she will plant them in the small bed where she plants yellow flowers in memory of her husband. His favorite colors were yellow and orange.
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  1. auntmom71:21
  2. Carioca1:36
  3. beyondwords1:43
  4. JarkaT1:52
  5. makeitso1:55
  6. Arun2:02
  7. nesmerova2:11
  8. Roger_Dot2:32
  9. bluebird422:39
  10. togocat2:44


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Beautiful Easter Lilies! What a tender gesture to plant yellow flowers in a special bed in memory of your loved one. Bless you, @pcteacher. ~Martha


They are nice lilies and it will be a beautiful memory.

I just discovered that my first draft got published, maybe when I hesitated after seeing K. Pilley's (makeitso's) beautiful yellow lilies. Have now replaced the title and description on this puzzle as intended.


Beautiful yellow lilies.

@makeitso I saw your beautiful yellow lilies and wondered if I should wait to submit the puzzle I had ready to go. But I decided our lily photos complement each other nicely.


The lilies look like the Connecticut Kings that I used to grow. Anyway, they are pretty and colorful...and cheery.


Great minds think alike, our posts are almost identical today.


Lovely Lilies! Thank you Patsy.

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