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Abandoned mansion somewhere in Europe

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  1. beate42:03
  2. Nordsee6444:57
  3. harblite45:18
  4. joco5158:51
  5. Budrox1:00:34
  6. Momonona1:03:45
  7. Faguska1:05:43
  8. Toku_Floyd1:07:28
  9. LucyAn1:08:30
  10. kath561:09:12


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Glad you found it, Toku_Floyd. There seem to be a lot of these beautiful but decaying structures on the internet, and I'm intrigued (for a puzzle) by rusting cars, abandoned homes, old amusement parks -- our world falling apart around us!


So beautiful in their decline, showing how wonderful they must have been in their prime.

I love these pictures of the old buildings and I'd love the chance to photograph them myself.

I'd also like a time machine, yes, so I could see how they looked originally.

Thank you for sharing.


Agreed, Ponfar. The two stairs on the sides makes me wonder what the lower floor is like. You can just see the portraits peeking through the spaces there.

A before and after picture would be even more depressing. I'm sure it was loved at one time, who wouldn't, but sadly, not enough love or money to keep it in working order.


Agreed, Donnajames. Could be a fire, or a water leak. Or as in the old landed gentry, they just ran out of money and/or got old. Must have been spectacular.


What a shame to have such a beauty go like this. It must have been majestic in its day. :-(( dj

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