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Flowers for today :-)

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30 pieces
44 solves
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  1. Navea0:47
  2. ullauhrskov0:51
  3. perleblanche0:54
  4. auntmom70:55
  5. Sissel1:05
  6. alias2v1:06
  7. GrandmaJo1:17
  8. Dalesvols20191:18
  9. Junko1:20
  10. tudie1:24


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Thank you so much Tincup, Kay and Jackie. Sometimes one flower is enough to brightens up :-)))))

Thank you Sissel, HUGS !!!!


Oh, upon solving the puzzle, i see she has a bit of competition on the side there. Well, not in this photo. In this one, she shines. ;-))


What a beauty--getting to be by itself, it is the center of attention. "I am so pretty, look at me"--it seems to happily say. And, yes, it really is.... Thanks, Sissel, for sharing this lovely posie with us. ;-))




:-))))) Tincup


Groan, TC.


I'll dahlia what, it's a pretty flower.


Thanks PW - it's a dahlia :-))))


That's a big white posie.

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