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Maisey and Vandal.

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Both are gone now. They were the best of friends.
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  1. slavka17:11
  2. mwalman8:57
  3. petperson9:10
  4. zhouzhou9:27
  5. redjenn22710:22
  6. GrannyCarol11:17
  7. balugsd11:51
  8. lea43th13:27
  9. grantkath716:52
  10. Hughman18:35


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It should be good for her Jenn, she lost her husband at the beginning of this year, it will keep her busy. I have also been exposed to Covid, when I spent the day at a venue with my daughter and son-in-law. We were in the car with them for half an hour going there and the same time coming home. I gave him a kiss and a hug, as you do when they were going home and Karen rang the next morning to say he’d tested positive to Covid, but we didn’t get it either, so lucky.


@lea43th, They may have been in the river. They just loved to run, especially Maisey. I miss them every day. Your friend is going to have her hands full with a Dalmatian! I have heard they can be quite destructive. Still gave me a giggle that hers was digging up behind her. Mathilda would be proud ;)


They look like they’ve just been for a swim or maybe they’ve had a bath and are having the greatest fun. Lovely photo Jenn you must miss them. Thanks for posting it. I was telling a friend of mine about you dogs. She has just bought a Dalmatian and she was planting some plants and her dog was coming along behind her digging then up. It reminded me of Matilda.


Thank you Diana. I know they are together and with my other wolfhounds and dogs past. These two had a special bond. Vandal was never the same after we lost Maisey.


Aww, they look like they're having the best time together. I imagine they are still together somewhere, running and playing together. And remembering those who loved and took care of them. Thanks for posting - peace be with you, Diana :o))

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