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This groundhog moved into my neighbor's yard last fall. I was the only one who had seen her. This spring I was able to get a photo of her and show to the neighbors. I received their permission to trap her because she was eating my perennial flowers to the ground. I was also suspicious about my strawberries and my bean seedlings disappeared.
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Thank you Impie, Pammi and RebeccaB. I am happy the groundhog has been moved to a new home. Sometimes the dogs would crazy barking. I finally learned it was usually the groundhog out and about.


I bet she drove your dogs crazy! Glad there were no babies. Now you can go (ground)hog wild with plants! :)) It's nice your family lives close enough to visit often - mine spread too far.


Congratulations on all occasions, Marilyn! Hopefully the groundhog will be happy in her new area and your plants will recover! Peace at last!♡♡


So.....Marilyn...... end of saga finally. Groundhog is in her natural environment once more (win, win) and your garden can now hopefully be returned to its former glory (big, big, win). Congratulations my girl. ♥♥♥


Sounds like a lot of happy endings going on here. You have your yard back and your flowers are safe, the groundhog has a new home, your grand dog has been reunited with his owner and your daughter has weekly visits with her beloved dog. I know I'm smiling after reading all of this, you must be on cloud nine! Thank you for sharing your puzzle and these feel good stories.


@ RebeccaB The groundhog was building her tunnels under my neighbor's shed. My yard was injured by the two large dogs playing and wrestling around in the grass. I was able to grow new grass this spring by only letting the dogs out one at a time. Now my one grand-dog has returned to live with my son in Oregon. One down and one to go, my daughter does not yet have a place where she can safely keep her emotional support dog. I drive the dog over to her twice a week to keep their relationship going. The dog really likes to go see his girl.


It was eating my flowers that led to my war on the groundhog.


Cantaloupe rind is the best live trap bait I've found. I released mine about 60 miles away by a stream and pasture and am hoping for the best on no return. They can do a lot of damage in gardens and flower beds.


I see. You must have some pretty big tunnels in your yard then! Don't twist your ankle!


Hi RebeccaB, Check out my DEFEAT puzzle and you will see a short bushy tail. They do very much look like beavers. The also make homes underground with chambers and multiple entrances. They even make a special room just to potty in. Unfortunately, they are voracious herbivores.


My neighbor used his pickup and we drove the young lady out of town to a spot with trees, tall grass, and a cow pasture. We saw no buildings for her to get into trouble again. Groundhogs like an area with some wooded cover and open fields. The spot seemed just right for her. Yes, it is a her. My neighbor tipped the cage and I could see unused nipples and no testicles. We did not want babies to starve to death.


Groundhog?! I thought it was a beaver! Your plants must've been very nutritious!

What did you do with her?

Way to go!!! ... Sherry :)))

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