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Cat Icon Game #106 - Dec 5, 2020

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9 pieces
106 solves
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Got a problem? Having a tough day? Maybe you need . . . EMERGENCY KITTENS!!!!!

Who needs boring ol' superheroes who leap giant buildings and run faster than locomotives when your day can be saved by the cuddly, super-cute, full-on feline charm of (x), (y) and (z), aka EMERGENCY KITTENS!!!
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  5. JennyG660:09
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OK. Thanks.


On her food puzzles, there are several links in the description section to larger puzzles.


You mentioned big puzzles. I don't see any big ones, but I love your cat puzzles. Very clever! :)


@Mischka they are painters :)


Horatio can come save me any day. :-)) dj


@Mischka-Yes he is, but a bigger than mouse sized hero.


A is for Animalistic hero.


@Ms_Maddy, that looks really cute!

The kittens seem to be dressed as railwaymen; am I wrong, and it's painters' uniforms? :-)


My daughter’s fave book as a child was The Colour Kittens.


@jimez - Er, is Mighty Mouse mouse-sized?

That he does, @ParsonWayne :-D


Horatio looks a bit flighty today.


Cute kitty!


Oh Yeah. Wait till Mighty Mouse shows up.
" Here he comes to save the day"


Horatio is back! :-D

I haven't given their kitty names, in case any friends here want to go for the win. They aren't hard to find. I've never heard of this juvie book.

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29 August 2019 - 5 September 2017
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