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This social isolation is not so bad. I have 2 X 1kg packs of rice, so I counted the number of grains in each. Took me all day. One had 11,622 grains and the other 11,856. I rang the company to ask why and they said the first number was correct, the other was a bonus for the regular customers like me. I thanked them for that.
Tomorrow I am going to start on my 1 X 2kg bag of sugar. I won't start today as I have to pick up all the rice I dropped on the floor when I was putting it away.
So tell your sisters/brothers this idea as it takes full concentration and you don't have to worry about anything else.
It's OK, there is no need to thank me. Stay safe all. Pete

You guys are


I better call my brother-in-laws O:o) I have first hand knowledge of my sisters ... it's been chemically repressed, but I still have 'em! lol

You have sisters and you have sisters-in-law. In-laws refer to the whole gang.


The sisters would know! lol