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Alexander Sviridov is a photo-artist from Toronto, Canada. He initially studied art design in Russia, and over the years he has developed a passion for photography. His preferred style is fine art photography, where he combines old masters art with surrealistic ideas to create true masterpieces of unique and recognizable photo art. Many of his photos are edited to appear as if they are paintings. He is always eager to find new and creative ideas to project them into his art pieces. His youngest daughter is the inspiration and subject matter for many of his artworks. His pictures are recognized worldwide and he has won multiple international photo awards.
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I like surreal artwork too Marina. Thank you for your feedback :-)


I really love surreal photography and art. The hand bidding silence is from outside the photo/painting.


More than welcome my sweet friend Bubble :-)


It looks so natural you may need a moment to realise. Thanks dear Oynot (̑̑•̺̑̑•̑̑)


Thank you pukkiepuk, I appreciate your thoughts.


Absolutely love this piece of artwork! :-D) It's incredible & so stands out. Thanks dear Oynot, for introducing me (again) with/to another amazing artist! :-))


I liked this one too Isaly and iceng :-)


If I saw this in life, it would be acceptable without an other thought :-))


When I first saw this painting I felt like it was done by a Russian artist. It looks so real-to-life where the viewer can almost hear the shhh!

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