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When you come to a fork in the tracks, take it!

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Woodland Junction, IL This train is UP, coming from Chicago and headed to St. Louis. Other track is CSX and goes to Evansville, IN
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  1. tinman13:19
  2. noranda13:26
  3. Blockiepalm18:02
  4. mitchjt19:44
  5. P9westy20:20
  6. eddywedertz4820:20
  7. antlerlady20:48
  8. BobbyJim20:59
  9. jandh23:07
  10. 191423:55


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This size was pushing my limits ( 150 pcs ), but I liked the shot. Thanks, marx.

I guess only the puzzle originator can do that.... sorry..


@BobbyJim, I have done that. What I was thinking of was to change the piece count downward. If I just shrink the size of the pieces, then I start to lose detail, with my old eyes. Thanks, anyway.

I do the "solve puzzle", go to full screen, then roll the roller on the mouse toward me and it reduces the puzzle pieces. I'll admit it is harder to do with 250+ pieces reduced so most of them are on screen! You can drag the puzzle around though, so you are working one one edge, or a definable chunk of it.


@BobbyJim, How do I reduce size, with a mouse roller? have seen many puzzles that I would like to solve, but are too many pieces, for my laptop screen.


Oh, I do that @BobbyJim, but still takes forever. Right now I'm working on a 120 and about to call it quits!

Just use your mouse roller and reduce the piece size.


Yikes! Cool capture but working with that many pieces could take me what's left of my life! My limit (screen space) is 120.

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