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what the duck?

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  1. tigersox7:02
  2. chiefboats37:54
  3. iolit9:00
  4. Rhinestone9:06
  5. krenov9:08
  6. Tashy4209:11
  7. XJANKAX9:17
  8. joansusan10:01
  9. cobra10:04
  10. Brno15011:17


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Well, is the cat sneaking up on the duck? Maybe they are old friends. Cute photo.


I think the neighborhood duck haunts are getting over crowded and they are seeking new domains. Oh dear. Hope they don't turn our pool into a pond.
(Clyde! we name our repeating wildlife too)

Hope you post some pics of the new beds when lush.

The midge - well, we are now shopping for a new shop. The current one's waiting list is ridiculous. Still no headway :-(


Hi Maggie! Your kitty looks a bit irked at this interloper. We had a Mallard named "Clyde" who left our pond one day and came to the house and jumped into our swimming pool. I had to use the dip net to remove him because the rest of the ducks were thinking to do the same!

Your yard is looking lush with the rains we've had. Need to take some pix of mine. Repairing some of last year's losses from the heat and creating some new planting beds. My yard (45 acres) is "country" and we put a rusty plow in the newest bed.

Good to see a puzzle from you and hope your MGA restoration is getting along famously! Carole

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