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St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, Russia (Fun-Size)

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Well I tried. But since the extent of my culture today goes no further than "men in tight pants rutting around in the grass and dirt, grunting and snorting, and chasing an air filled pig-skin"...I'm obviously ok with sloth and torpidity ;oP

I have seen Gaudi's work, Kate, and you're right, it's very creative and intricate. Some of it feels almost Miami Beach Art Deco. Others....not so much LOL. We can defo put Barcelona on our itinerary. I'm seriously thinking that you're right...and 1 year might not be nearly enough time...


Thanks Susie but then I'd have to be so much more acceptable. Nah, not going to happen.

And JC, When I look at this incredible array of colors and shapes and patterns, I wonder if ONE person did design it. It would seem it must have been a dozen different people with their own marvelous additions to the plans.

Do either of you enjoy the work of Gaudi - I am entranced by many of his buildings. I really have to get to Barcelona (in reality) to see his and other archetects works. I think the word "gaudy" must have come from Gaudi's name (tastelessly bright or showy) but the incredible creativity and intricacy of his work is brilliant and delightful to me. (I have a very eclectic taste in architecture - but whatever the style, I want to see it as creative and it must be "interesting" over time.) - ok, back to my own sloth and torpidity.


Isn't that architecture fantastic, JC? Was Walt Disney Russian? He must have been Russian. He sure dreamed like a Russian. I absolutely loooove Russian architecture!

Kate, the physical form when it is well honed is even more beautiful than Russian architecture (LOL). It is like fine art, and therefore, it is meant to be oogled (that's my story, and I'm sticking to it! :oD )

And thanks for reminding me about my tea!! It's a few minutes before 2pm, litter-boxes are clean, fishy is happy, game's on the's time for some Raspberry Tea and Sparkling Sicilian Lemonade!! Woohooo!! Sooooo yummy!! C'mon over and join me!! :oD

p.s. If you make your Sunday mantra "culture, sloth and torpidity" it will sound much more acceptible...and not quite so...hmmmmm....slothy. LMAO


I'm not a big football enthusiest but I do love the Tour de France - beautiful pics of the many different areas of the Tour and beautiful pics of the riders in their "uniforms". So the Tour is just two weeks of stunning views. And I started subtly enjoying the "view" very young - before I was even old enough to know why, I loved going to the ballet to watch the male dancers. Mom was so pleased that I enjoyed cultural events. I do love "culture" but also . . .. Poor mom.

Hope you're having a great oogling day - be careful of eye strain - and glad you're having Tea (or something teaish flavored). Hmmmm, sloth and torpidity - might make that my Sunday mantra. Enjoy.


I'm sooo glad you have a happy, well-behaved lil mouse now!!

I have no patients to treat tomorrow...I got my tootsies pampered today, and I picked up a bottle of Firefly Raspberry Tea Flavored Vodka to keep me company while I vege and oogle stud-muffins in tight football pants all day tomorrow. So yes, I am having nothing but a lazy Sunday filled with...hmmmm...sheer laziness :oD

Ok...I promised my fish I would change his water, and the cats always require my attention, but that's IT!! The rest of the day is dedicated sloth and torpidity!! LMBO :oD


I got knocked off the board so I had to come back and do it again. No, I haven't yet replaced my mouse but I did speak sharply to him and said it wasn't right that I had to do all the work. And I wiped off his little feet and washed off his mouse pad. Then I gave him a hug and a kiss and said I knew he could do better - and he has (occasionally) - Now he and I are going to take that rest. I think I may extend it through tomorrow - you too???


Wow Kate!!! Did you get a new mouse???!!! (Ok, I know: I'z a smart-arse LMBO :oD )

I looooove Russian architecture, and St. Basil's is one of my favorite buildings anywhere. I defo want to experience this beauty on our world looks like it should be in Disney World or something, doesn't it? Incredible!

Go catch some wonderful sunsets, then rest up after your long but productive day! See ya soon ;oP


Look - I'm on the board!!!!! Had a long but productive day. The sun will be setting if a few minutes and there are feathers all over the sky. There may be more sunset pictures. BUT about this picture - I love it. Lets put Moscow on our iterary too. - and if I haven't gotten to Barcelona yet, I really want to see Gaudi's work - One year may not be enough! Thanks for this beauty. Have a great night. .

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