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Expressions of Endangered Animals

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Golden snub-nosed monkey, Qinling Mountains, Shaanxi, China

Expressions of Endangered Animals Around the World

By Sara Barnes on August 13, 2019

For over two decades, photographer Mogens Trolle has captured stunning wildlife pictures on all seven continents. Trained as a zoologist and wildlife biologist, he specializes in mammals and uses his knowledge of them—as well his keen eye—to capture each creature’s unique personality. His photographs, especially those of monkeys, showcase micro-expressions that look like the kind we’re used to seeing on other humans.

Trolle often opts for a close-up or a cropped view of an animal’s face. In doing so, it allows us to study their idiosyncrasies and consider the way in which they furrow their brow or purse their lips to communicate feelings of frustration, puzzlement, adoration, and beyond. Despite being an observer of mammals for so many years, Trolle continues to be amazed by how much personality they have. “And, in particular with our closest relatives, the primates,” he tells My Modern Met, “how much we share with them, how similar we are.”

The incredible images are made poignant when you learn that almost all of the primates he has photographed are endangered. It should encourage us to support conservation efforts so that these creatures aren’t gone forever.
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So cute! I am really happy to hear that Mogens Trolle brings endangered species awareness to all of us through his photographs! Thanks!


Hi @Bekkabee I agree - gorgeous. I feel very sad when I think of the endangered animals (I try not to) and think humans should feel ashamed of themselves. I'm glad there are individuals (like Mogens Trolle) and organizations that try to expand awareness of the situation. Thanks for your comment :-)


I hope you have a good day too Cyndi. Staying cool is probably out of the question but I'll do my best :-)


What a gorgeous animal!! It breaks my heart to think of all the endangered species.


This is hilarious! Hope you have a good day Bob. Try and stay cool. Heating up here as well. Stay safe


@zumbachick :-)

We try

He better get the tongue back in before he loses it.

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