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Philippine Flora Series

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Bleeding Heart in bloom 2 Aug 2015.

Sunvar plaza, Makati
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  1. RandiS10:11
  2. st510:12
  3. Dilubreuer0:12
  4. stephen0:13
  5. donnamcintosh0:13
  6. Dstratford0:14
  7. Robbos0:14
  8. Beekay0:14
  9. glenestele0:14
  10. sve10:14


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can you see the post of 'Marie's Heart' now Andie?


I posted a comment on the other"bleeding heart" Lunie as I did recognize the other variety ,the pink one ,we get over here.And it's called " coeur de Marie" lovely too isn't it?


Yes Allie, there was even a discussion on that here in Jigidi before. In my comment to Andie below, i inserted the link of a stamp of that flower. Is it the same one you are refering to?


Thanks Bonnie! hugs back,


The bleeding hearts we have here are pink and red and some have purple - this one is new to me. Really gorgeous! tfs Lunie x


So pretty Lunie.............Hugs


THANK YOU DONNEBROOK! That was an inspiration to us. We will have more flower photos this month end with the upcoming garden show. I promise to make nice ones for you!


I like how i took it too Beekay, different from how i capture them usually. And this dlower was somewhat different from the rest which are usually drooping down, it tended to look up inviting me to take its photo...


Hi, guys! Every time I'm sad, I look at one of your flower pictures, and it cheers me up!!


I love the cofntrast of pure white and pure red. It's a gorgeous flower and photo. One of my favorites. Thank you!


The Bleeding Heart in the US is different. This is the one...


What an original name,which describes the flower so well. Gorgeous !


That's a good deal Jo...nothing of that sort here.


Thanks Gerda! Love this one two.


i try to deal only with reputable companies, lunie. and reputable companies will provide a replacement if you lose a plant. that's the way it should be.

and this is a really good shot lunie.


very special colour, not seen around here, i had the pink ones.


Thought so too Ginger...i haven't made a photo this angle til i did this.


I caught this as though calling me for a photo op Jo! This coming out from a square of an iron gate...


When a plant tou buy dies, you will be replaced? That's good.


you know those 2 bleeding hearts i got this spring, one of which (which was mostly white) didn't make it? i think the white one had a purple bottom, but now i am wondering if it had this shape, as though there is another little flower on the bottom. it was sold out by the time i knew which one died, so i have a credit for a new one next spring. thanks for the lovely flower.


much prettier in person. that stamp really didn't do them justice. thanks lunie.


So very beautiful Lunie, they really stand out against the green background. Thanks and hugs 4 2. :0))


You are welcome Jan, they are still flowering here and new buds are still coming out!


SO beautiful thanks Lunie and a stunning photo (of course!) Mine is asleep now.
Hugs dear friend.


Thanks daasha and Diana!


Gorgeous color!


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