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Southern Flannel Moth

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This is a southern flannel moth. The caterpillar of this moth is venomous and we call it an asp, but there are other names as well. Contact with the caterpillar can cause some severely unpleasant symptoms. Unfortunately, this caterpillar looks really fuzzy and can be tempting to pet. However, in the fuzz there are actually spines that deliver the venom.
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Yes, I almost always post my own photos. If I recall, so far they are all mine. I do a lot of photographing of plants, arthropods, reptiles, birds, etc. Most will be from Texas, USA.


Will you be posting your own photos (except when you tell us something is not yours)? I'm fascinated by most kinds of arthropods (except marine arthropods/crustaceans, which, by the way, I don't eat). Looking forward to more of your nature pictures. ~Patsy

I plan to post more nature pictures with a focus on arthropods. In fact, I just now posted a carpenter bee. Thank you so much for your support on this.

Thanks for such an interesting puzzle. I love doing unusual subjects & this is one for sure! 🇨🇦

If you pull the spines out with sticky tape immediately after it touching you, that helps immensely.


Oooh! Such a pretty moth, such a dangerous caterplllar. I'm glad I haven't lived within its range. ~Patsy

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