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Sleeping Marine, Union Station, 1948 Photo by Esther Bubley

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  1. huxie11:27
  2. doreendurham13:51
  3. akamike16:23
  4. carb216:59
  5. Leroy7318:08
  6. lowelldsmithcb18:21
  7. drb1acb124:41
  8. sdbsears27:44
  9. clairezy41:58


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Or maybe Union Station Washington, DC bbandit.

This reminded me of a situation back in the 60s and I was working nights at a department store downtown Mpls. I lived in a suburb of a suburb so I was taking the Greyhound bus back and forth to work and I had to wait for the next bus to come (about 10pm). While siting there in the depot I noticed a guy sleeping on one of the benches. This was a cold night and he had a coat on but, in of one of his pockets was a liquor bottle partly out. I kept waiting for him to make that move that would send the bottle crashing down to the floor. No such luck. My bus came so I had to leave.


Union Station, Chicago?

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