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My latest acrylic painting. My sister gave me a #KitCatClock 30 years ago. Still ticking !
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  1. musicelephant11:00
  2. Cleothepooch11:36
  3. Culpepper12:11
  4. sammiegirl16:05
  5. LandiLuff17:21
  6. barbe6318:15
  7. Cindyrella5518:26
  8. budlia18:59
  9. KatKrazy19:21
  10. Ellen520:37


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Lovely clock. I used to have one that was an owl and its eyes moved from side to side with the swing of the pendulum. It lasted for about 20 years and I was heartbroken when it could nt be repaired. Thank you for the puzzle and the memories.

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