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For Jim (jcarroll): Find the Female Red-Winged Blackbird!

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I've been trying to get a pic of a female for a while and got the chance when we were out near dusk about 10 days ago. Unlike their more striking (and recognizable) mates. their camouflage is well adapted to their environment! Can you find her in here?

Do try...and then pop to the private puzzle to see if you were right. Here's the link:
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  1. SamSammy1:43
  2. Jejegasa1:48
  3. claesje2:14
  4. Ianto2:19
  5. Jama2:21
  6. bluebird422:27
  7. Francamia2:28
  8. wolflady2:32
  9. ringleader2:48
  10. Pawsey2:55


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You've got a great eye, Yvonne! I've got one pic of what appears to be only reeds and I simply cannot find her...yet I know that I snapped it while she was there! One of these days, I'm going to play with it to see if I can do something magical and make her appear...but I suspect I still won't be able to find her. They really do disappear into the marsh.


It's amazing Michelle! Did not have to use the link! Once you see it, you see it clearly! I can even see her beak! It's really there Ardy!! :)))


Brava, Franca...good eye!!

Glad that you were able to find it too, Pat, but am giggling at your comment. I'm always a bit bent so welcome to my world! I'll try to em you later today, when I take a break. Things are busy; I'm off for a couple of trips next week and I'm getting stuff ready. I have been thinking about you and how you are doing. We all thank you and are returning hugs and belly rubs.♥

Ardy, you made me laugh aloud. We are going to have such a good time! ☺


Michelle, this is too much like going birding and having someone say, See that whatever in the tree, and me saying, what tree? I see it right there in the grass. Yeh, right. You're sure there is a bird in there? Jim's rabbit was much easier to find.


I found it also, after going crazy looking for it. Glad to have you back. I think you still
have my email address if you ever want to send me anything. Lots of ear rubs to
Darcy & Meara, and also the bunnies, plus love & hugs to all of you.


I found it........

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