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I'm feeling very bright today

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  1. catslave4:16
  2. ELLENA5:52
  3. nathalie5:52
  4. krenov6:11
  5. Osmanka6:36
  6. onejaw7:19
  7. Impie7:25
  8. GrandmaJo8:05
  9. lifesong110:12
  10. mergatroud11:01


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Thank you Impie and Catslave, Socks is quite full of herself with all this attention.

Thank you also jjstorck, in fact Socks is nearly 10 years old! She eats plenty but has never put on weight so she still looks like a young cat.


It shows Socks!:)


and looking lovely Socks!


Such a sweetheart. She looks about 10 mths old-is that right? We have Nicky who looks a little like your girl here - if you go to my page you will see a picture of him and our others. Your girl is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing such joy.

Thank you Petsmom. She has a sweet nature and this is one of the few pictures I've got where she looks like herself. Glad you enjoyed the puzzle.


Socks is a beautiful cat. I really like this pose. Enjoyed the puzzle. Thanks, tigersox.

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