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(28) A breather

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The plunge there is Lauterbrunnen Valley
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Ja, als ik bergen zie, voel ik mij thuis. Heb een glimlach van oor tot oor op mijn gezicht bij de aanblik van de eerste bergen ;-)))))


Wat je je dan thuis kunt voelen, hè? Ik kreeg dat gevoel telkens als ik ergens was en ontdekte dat ik Wengen kon zien.


Heb daar ook gelopen. En precies daar beneden ligt onze camping;-)))


Ja, tussen de kabelbaan die recht tegenover Lauterbrunnen station vertrekt en Allmendhubel.

Wat goed dat je dat zo herkent!


Het pad bij Murren? Lijkt er op. Oh, zou zo de foto in willen springen en meelopen;-))))))))


My pleasure, Arlene. I enjoy having you along. Thanks.

We even had two guides with us, Suzy. They accompanied us on the train from Holland, arranged everything that needed to be arranged in Switzerland (like how to get where and when). And having two guides gave us the liberty each day to choose between a 3 hour hike, or a 6 hour hike in the same area, each with one of the guides.
I am very well capable of doing all that myself, and I'm good at reading maps, but I was traveling with a friend who had never (as in never) done any mountain hiking. I was eager to do the longer hikes, she went for the shorter ones.
I noticed she more readily took advice from the guides than from me, so that worked out fine, too.

Stick around, madhat. I have a few more to share, and I appreciate your comments. Thanks!

The Swiss Alps are awesome and many parts are very accessible, arlolo. Glad you enjoy the views. Thank you.


It's such a fun and healthy hobby.... hiking, I mean. Thanks for posting these stunning photos, ikook.


A well earned break.
Did you have a guide for your hiking?


Beautiful photos. TFS these with us.

Amazing mountains. Thanks for posting this group of puzzles.

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