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FIGS 2017

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Our figs in the greenhouse got huge last year!
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  1. formankova637:08
  2. suedyson8:02
  3. hvnbnd8:43
  4. dudicat11:01
  5. luvfliks4212:59
  6. davidium14:03
  7. bellehse16:45
  8. oncliff18:26
  9. Dennisjones19:07
  10. Meglet39:06


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You're welcome! Figs are wonderful but they just need a little longer growing season - a greenhouse (even a sunroom) would be great for yours, or anyplace with good light and sunshine where you could bring it inside during the winter. Best of luck to you and your fig tree!!

Thank you!We live a little north of New York City and have a huge fig tree,that started out in a pot many years ago.My husband will make me a greenhouse,and we can start over!It is too hard to cover this whole thing up and we did not do it this winter,so we will try it your way,because those figs are delicious!Thank you so much!!

dudicat - Honestly, I'm not sure! My dad b ought me two fig trees ages ago. When I moved I dug up one and took with me. Then my husband had a man dig it up and we put it in a big cattle trough on dollies to keep in the greenhouse because it would bear plentifully but the growing season wasn't long enough for them to ripen. I just watered it inside the greenhouse with rainwater collected in a big container and once in a while I put some Miracle Grow on it. I think basically, it just likes its new home!

What a wonderful fig!How did you do that?

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