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She is watching me, but I did not make her pose.
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  1. marunka2771:14
  2. Ivory331:24
  3. jyou1:34
  4. MeMaw231:41
  5. papahen1:43
  6. connie52711:48
  7. aerovka1:50
  8. ringleader2:12
  9. wolflady2:12


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Thank you Ivory33.


Bishka is very beautiful dog.


Thank you very much. I just adopted her in June, and she was 6 1/2 then.

Bishka is so much a look alike of our GSD, "Gus" that it brought tears to our eyes. We miss him so much. Beautiful photo.


Thanks Evelyn.


Thanks Evelyn, didn't learn anything but English.


Grazka, don't understand what you said, but thanks for visiting us.


Dziękuje ;) Bishka też jest piękna ;)


I gave up on the posing, it is better to catch her when she is doing what she wants to do.
She is a happy dog now. Thanks to all.


You are so beautiful Bishka ! I'm glad mom took another picture of you so that we can enjoy it.
Thanks Pat,she really is a sweetie.♥☺☺♥☺


Candid shots of everyday poses are fun, Pat. She's lovely and doesn't need to pose formally. Thanks. It's fun to see her.

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