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Cloud to ground & cloud to cloud lightning, location was not specified. Photo from NOAA Photo Library archive.
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  1. dukerdor22:47
  2. magical_ladyj25:44
  3. NathanH41:36
  4. Hera242446:56
  5. Edithmarianne50:16
  6. M_J_Wigger54:19
  7. Hiltsy56:38
  8. Evacaroline58:18
  9. queenmab1:00:06
  10. DexGypMom1:11:56


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In constant awe of natural phenomena, I do agree with both of your observations ❖ lightning truly is astonishing but also very dangerous. If only one of the earth's scientific prodigies could develop a system thereby harnessing and utilizing this "free of charge" (pls, do forgive this feeble pun) commodity, it would free the world of burning tons of fossil fuels and/or other organic material burdening our precious atmosphere with colossal amounts of CO₂. {...Huge Sigh!!...}   Thank you for asking the Almighty to bless me and mine; I pray also He may envelop you and your family in His saving Grace. amen.   ☮

Lightning is so astonishing and so very dangerous! Thank you for posting this. May God bless you and your family always.

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