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Theme: birds, Ostrich

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As ostriches are the largest birds in the world they also have the largest eyes of any bird in the world. Measuring at 5 centimeters in diameter from front to back, the ostrich eye is five times bigger than the human eye and any other land animal. The ostrich's eyes are about the size of billiard balls. They take up so much room in the skull that the ostrich's brain is actually smaller than either one of its eyeballs. This may be why the ostrich, despite its tremendous running speed, is not very good at eluding predators: It tends to run in circles.
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Thinking of you, Nette...♥︎


Thinking of you, Nette... ♥︎


Thinking of you and hoping you are okay, Nette. ♥︎


I also miss you 'Nette!


Thinking of you, Nette, and missing you here at Jigidi. Hoping for the best... ♥︎


Just a hello. You are missed.


I hope you're okay, nette! I miss you!


Nette, beautiful last days this year. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Good health, happiness in 2020. Are you all right dear?


Merry Christmas Jeanette! I do hope you are well!


Thinking of you, Nette...♥︎


bless you, dear nette....hang in there...❣️


Very pretty Nette. Thanks you . Have a nice day ☺


Nette, I see you were signed on at Jigidi today (1 September, 2019) - that is encouraging. You are indeed missed by many - hope you are keeping up with this puzzle and seeing all the kind and caring messages that are being left for you. Take care, hugs... ♥︎♥︎♥︎


It's been a long time my friend. Hope you will feel up to a visit soon. You are missed by many of us♥♥♥


hope you are well dear @nette10 ♥♥ have missed you




happy 4th july - hope you are keeping well sweet @Nette xx hugs and love and prayers xxx


Nette, I think about you ! I wish you a speedy recovery! ♥♥♥


more hugs sweetie ♥♥


Hi Laura, Bobbie, Pam, Marina, Ardy, Judy, Barb and brightie, Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts, they are very welcome and most appreciated! ❤


Thx for peeking in - sorry you still not well -praying for you dear friend - god bless and lots of love ♥♥♥


How nice is to hear from you, Jeanette! Hope your health will improve and you will be back in Jigidi....we all missed you! Thaks for the great puzzle.... :)


You've been missed, Jeanette!
I wondered if you were having more issues. Take care of yourself, my friend as so many people want to see you around! (((hugs and prayers))) ♥♥♥
°*☀❀♥✿☀*° °*☀❀♥✿☀*°


Been missing you, Nette. Hope those health issues will abate soon and you will be feeling better. Paying for you. Hugs. Thanks for a cute theme puzzle.


A serious gent/lady posing. I love this portrait-puzzle and the info. Thanks. Marina.


Wishing you the best, health-wise, Nette - you have my good thoughts and prayers. ❤️
Thank you for this great theme puzzle and the accompanying info. :-))


Sorry to hear this Nette, thoughts and prayers for a fast, full recovery. :)


I hope you get to feeling better very soon, Nette!


Am still having health issues and further complications, hoping to overcome them and be able to be back before too long, miss you all! ❤

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