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Chinese Bridge Building

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China has had a rash of bridge collapses in recent years. Hopefully, this monster of a machine will construct safer bridges for them.

You must watch the video below to see it in action. (Click on the Image Copyright to see the video imbedded in the article.) While watching, also notice the size of the workers by comparison to this 580 ton machine.

Maggie (downsouth), Bommom suggested I put this one up for you!
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It is truly astounding equipment. And, hopefully, someone told the workers the stairs were off limits unless the wheels were all on something solid. But probably not. :-)


An impressive piece of machinery. I like the steps suspended off the front of the wheels. The stairs to midair (or nowhere).


Disregard for human safety is cost effective. That's a primary reason why most of what we buy in the U.S. is now manufactured in China.

Thanks for that link. Absolutely fascinating as well as frightening. Good demonstration of human ingenuity coupled with a total disregard for personal safety.

Thank you Pat - that was superb! The bravery is extraordinary as no safety measures can be seen



Yes and yes, Plum.


One has to marvel at the ingenuity (and bravery) of the Chinese.


It fascinates me with what it does and how huge it is. And you're welcome, Bill.


Cool videos, Pat. Thanks for sharing this!

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