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1000 All-Stars First 100 Roses

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100 pieces
149 solves
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Yep! Here they all are. The first 100 Roses.

Look at the puzzles by the "TenStar" Jigidi user to see the series of All-Star puzzles.

1000 All-Stars puzzles is:

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  1. TIME4ME5:51
  2. Brie16487:15
  3. Hagrid7:39
  4. whoareyou8:08
  5. Magicfingers8:54
  6. like921159:17
  7. vintage9:24
  8. TenStar9:59
  9. Mimie10:16
  10. SusieQueue10:46


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Thanks Brie. I'll keep an eye out.

Looks like everyone was having fun on that puzzle. Tks for the link


Any - literally any - food puzzle you will find Lord Mojo - I love beating him/her(?) - a real challenge. This is a good example:


Thanks TIME4ME - I'll check it out


Great tribune to LadyC .... She is a lovely person ...


Hey like92115, I don't understand if LordMojo is your doppelganger, however I saw a 100 pcs Dried Fruit and 35 pcs I scream 4 ice cream... I know you love puzzles, so please take a look at my latest puzzle :)


TIME4ME, Re: "I love a speed challenge (LordMojo with the food puzzles is a real challenge!)"

On what food puzzles does LordMojo have challenges? Can you point me at one or two? You've got me curious.


Thanks TIME4ME and thanks Bone :-)


Thank you, Brie1648 and like92115 ! I absolutely love this puzzle ! And as regards dust I am used to eat yours in the 15 pcs all star puzzles !!! I am so happy I discovered this website, I didn't know where to put my "physical" puzzles anymore :) Have a great day ! Cristiana & Watching+Suggesting Bone (The cocker spaniel)


Well TIME4ME, I think I know how the Coyote feels when the Road Runner says "Beep Beep" and instantly leaves a cloud of dust on three different roads to the horizon.

You'll have to give this tortoise a little time but I'll see what I can do :-) I'm down from 11! :-)


wow 5.51!! that is awesome - I surrender!


5:51 TIME4ME? Ohhhh. I've got too much time for me at 9:17 :-)

I definitely have some new skills to learn!


Making some progress but a long way to go...


Interesting not just a simple, pink mouse - I'm red-green colorblind and didn't see the pink in the store :-)

Fun note: My mother-in-law like jigsaw puzzles too. We give each other puzzles as presents every once in a while. She got me one of a green labyrinth. Here's poor picture from the web. If you'd like I could probably make a puzzle of the completed puzzle picture.


Oh Like - when I look at your times I am in awe!! I love a speed challenge (LordMojo with the food puzzles is a real challenge!) but I would imagine your mouse-hand is exhausted after all the puzzles you have created. Do you use a mouse or a graphics tablet? I have the latter - I could not go back to a mouse after using one of these.
I'm up for the challenge too! :o)


Well Brie. I'm going to have to work on my big (for me) puzzle skills. You certainly set the bar high for me on the 100 piece puzzle.

This should be fun - just not tonight :-)


Oh my. I'm so behind! And there are non All-Stars ahead of me. Look like I've got some big time improving to do in my time!

And Brie's at 7:15 - congrats Brie!

I'll see if I can improve.


Back to the top- by one second!


Excellent puzzle, just excellent and what a great idea too , thanks Mr like92115 :o)


Good time Brie - certainly better than mine.

And thanks :-)


WOW!! made it to first place (so far!) even though I missed the first go on the 1000 :o)

And a fabulous collection of roses - how wonderful this has been! Thank you :o)))

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