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12 small, 1 big

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100 pieces
96 solves
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  1. dotshell6:30
  2. MarshaG617:01
  3. Mimie7:06
  4. puzzeler7:22
  5. TreMenDous7:45
  6. llheim7:47
  7. CanadianDollar8:09
  8. dkzon4u8:10
  9. annefar8:10
  10. Tyco8:12


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Thanks Dotty - pinks and purples are always my first choice for favs. That lime green one is still bugging me when I open this puzzle!


Wow! Such beautiful, deep colors and wonderful designs, Trish! I loved the top left and lower one in orange because they looked like roses. I also just love the gorgeous details and deep purple of the center. Thanks! Dotty


Trish, I see that you had another round of good exercise - gardening - great :-)

Yes, there is a lot of black in this puzzle. Black is not one of my favourite colours, but it is acceptable in this puzzle. I guess it shows off the colours of the others and let them shine.

The bright green one decides to be different from the rest and it wants to show off more of its colours :-0

Summer time - round the corner - Christmas for you, too.

Have a great day, Trish.


Good morning Jason! Lovely sunny day here - 10am and I've just come in for a breather from a bit of gardening. One week till daylight saving and then, before we know it, it's summer! I'm not sure about the kaleidos in this puzzle - quite dark. But they were a lot prettier full size - these are just the centre bits. And the bright green one on the left annoys me but I didn't want to go back and recreate it all over just to take that one out.
Enjoy your day - make the most of it ☺️


There is a bit of mystery here :-)

Thank you, Trish.

Keep safe and well.

Best regards,

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