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Elvis Banana, Smaller Version

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It's Elvis Banana by ElvisBanana!


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Sometimes, we seem to allow our technological capabilities overwhelm our good sense. Just because we CAN do something, it doesn't mean we SHOULD do it!

In the end, we are still natural organisms that came to be on this Earth. Many times, the simple way is the best. That's probably true of jigsaw puzzles, even digital ones...


Good morning Elvis - audio puzzles would be fun, as long as you can control the volume :)

There are some puzzle sites where the puzzles move, change etc which I've tried, but always go back to the original style of puzzle.


That sounds good, Bubble!

Speaking of sounds, I'd LOVE to hear your husband's collection! Although I mentioned Brazilian music, which I love most deeply, I am a huge fan of a wide variety of music, including a number of Latin styles. As your husband would know, there are actually many different styles of music within Brazil, and I love most all of them. As for other types of Latin music, I'm a big fan of Salsa, Tango, Nuyorican Soul... they're all so great. Well, NEARLY all. I'm not a huge fan of the heavy German oompah influence in Mariachi. Still, there are some good examples there, too.

Like your husband, my collection is all over the place. It can't be confined to one small area of the house! Since we're also talking about new technologies, I'll be happy when our puzzles can contain sound and video. Just imagine posting puzzles of Elis Regina or Astor Piazzolla that play their music! Hmmm... on second thought, that might not be great. I'd always be bugging you to make some more puzzles out of your husband's music collection!


That makes perfect sense Elvis - and I suspect many of us don't look like our usernames ;)
My husband loves and collects all Latino music and has a large collection all over the house.

When we can perfect A.I to the point where we have a balance of sense and empathy, they can take over ruling the roost, under the supervision of donkeys and elephants.


Thanks, Bubble!

I used that image for my profile picture for quite a while. I eventually got a hankering for something new, and created my current "photo". Unfortunately, my current image is probably more accurate, because I'm not as handsome as young Elvis, and a little bit pudgy, too. My family will tell you that I can't sing as good as Elvis, either!

I really do like Elvis Presley, but there was another reason I took his name. I should really write all of this out so I can copy and paste it, because I've told the story so many times. But the gist of it is that I have a common-sounding name. When I'd go somewhere that calls out your name, like a pizza joint, five guys would all walk up to the counter when my name was called. So "Elvis" solves that problem.

Banana has two sources. The primary reason to use banana comes from a trip to Japan. I was staying with a Caucasian friend, and we were hanging out with another friend who is African-American. I have Japanese heritage on one side of my family. So as the three of us were walking down the street, I realized we made a pretty tasty ice cream sundae. White guy = vanilla ice cream, African-American guy = chocolate sauce, and since Asians used to be called "yellow", this half-Japanese guy was the banana on top!

The other source for "banana" is that I LOVE Brazilian music. There's one artist named Milton Banana, so I figured it can work as a surname.

So that's the story of Elvis Banana, or here on Jigidi where we only get one name, ElvisBanana!


Great photo of the young Elvis - what a lovely voice he had - so sad he had so many problems.
PS love bananas too.


: )

: - )

:7 D


Heee heee xx what can I say but I Love Elvis and bananas too and this great puzzle xx smiles


I'm glad you like it, dear friend brightspark! Thanks for the comment!

(By the way, that's a very good time you posted! It was less than half of my time, and I'm the one who created the darn thing!)


LOVE THIS PUZZLE xxx such fun to solve xxxxxxxxxxx hey hey hey Elvis ♫ ☺♥