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Patience With Patients...........

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While some of us have been away in Further-Farther-Bonga, it's been business as usual for busy uncle/Dr.Adonis B.Bugosi, who continues to work tirelessly in the selfless task of improving the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.....
Here we see him dutifully on duty at the D.O.L.L.S. - doing his rounds round the hospital, patiently listening to his patients, telling them all will be well when they are well again and doctoring his reports as a good doctor should.......
This is a typical room at the hospital, chosen at random, and shows the homely homeliness we aim to provide for our dear inmat.....I mean, residents......
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  3. GJST1:03
  4. patsquire1:19
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  6. miztarefet1:28
  7. Professor1:29
  8. whatnauts1:29
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free to roam wherever it wants which somehow is never where one wanted to go, but you can't have everything. Hi Hanne good to see you


Congratulations, Tatty, upon single-handedly overthrowing the corrupt Brazilian government........
Mr.Le-Squirt.......for your information, our bus service is FREE!........Never on time, but FREE!......
Welcome back, Hanne-of-the-pipe!.........


How great!! I think I saw a dragon in our garden the other day when we arrived!! Are you sure it isn't a dragon in disguise lying there in the bed???? Tati where are you???


Hurray for Tati we have a new heroine to fight against bureaucracy and slay dragons wherever they may be!



Tati plunged right into the protests in Brazil, against the outrageous increases in the cost of public transportation. She's been out there in the streets, dodging rocks and rubber bullets and tear gas, holding Brazil's flag high!

Today Sao Paulo Mayor Fernando Haddad and Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes both announced that they are meeting the protestors' demands by rolling back the fare increases!

Hooray for Tati! Hooray for Brazil! Hooray for democracy everywhere!

(Does this mean there's hope for the poor wretches of Bonga-Bonga, who live in miserable conditions under the thumb of the Bugosi/Hippolytus axis?)


I still don't trust that patient, with the long, whiskery nose. I don't trust that quack of a ''Doctor'', either.


I finally made it a tad late. So I shall sip my tadpole wine in silence. The patient looks much improved. You all worried for naught, or not, or nautatall.


thank you David, it's good to be busy keeps one out of mischief


- "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." can't remember why I wanted to share that thought, do you know?


Aha......A visit from the missing maestro!....
I am sure Juneee will feel relieved at hearing, or possibly, maybe, reading your words......
raincoat-infusion......The doctor will be fully armed during any examination.....he has learned from experience.....


Well Helloooooe everyone!
I am quite busily busy and such a buzzy bee with business that I seem to have misplaced
Juneee's June Birthday Bash in Bonga Bonga
Here I make a belated appearance to wish her many happy etc. and so forth also as well, too.

After all, Birthdays come but once a year and one mustn't make exceptions
for that way MADNESS lies.
(Also the Catthorpe Interchange for the A14 and other wonderful sights in addition, furthermore and farthermore.)


Dr ABB should be very careful during his examinations on this one...She might have big teeth!!


Fear not, Tom-minus........Desmondina and DrReptorius are fully cured of their ailments........sort of.......
thousands-of-cakes........All is under control......that portrait of yours truly in my beautiful cardigan-thingy sees everything..........


ManyCakes I think little Red Riding from the Hood is onto this imposter so we won't have to worry about her.....however and also...just looking at Desmondina and DrReptorius who have been subjected to Dr.A.B.B and his ministrations causes me to feel quite faint and full of suffering for sweet Adonisette who has neglected to renew her newspaper subscription..


Somebody warn Red Riding Hood that the wolf is disguised as Granny again!!! Dr. A needs to make an appointment with his ophthalmologist in a hurry!!!
Thanks Lela! :)))
(time, 1:47)


I have to agree with ThomasCat on this one. Hasn't the quack noticed that his patient is really a wolf disguised as a granny?


I have the fullest confidence in Dr.Adonis B.......After all he is a delver and diviner and knows all about deliverance and deliveries, as he once had a paper round.......


Dr.Adonis works wonders.......Look what he did for me!......


I think it is just terrible when a wolf impersonates a granny like this......and even worse is the fact that even though Dr.Adonis has his glasses on he obviously can't see diddly squat....I am very worried for Adonisette who will be giving birth in this hospital with this Dr. doing the dirty work..I mean the delivery...alas it does not bode well.


See? You smoke that pipe, handsome (hee-hee), so you should get your lungs X-rayed two or three times a day. It'd do you good and you'd get a very quick read on your lung cancer when it comes along.

Mmmmmm, yogurt and crackers! Toodle-pip!


Lovely portrait of you in your cardie, Lela!.......And a charming room!......
Toodle-pip, Mr.Squish!......


If this a normal patient then D.O.L.L.S seems to be going to the dogs---literally!


As soon as I finish my yogurt and crumbled-up crackers, and give the spoon back to the nice young man in his clean white coat, I think I'll take a little nap.


Juneee-still-shining........But this is a perfectly normal patient, who had been feeling a bit 'under the weather' after sleeping rough for a few years, roughly.......
David-many-numbers must be busy, I suppose, and assume..........


Oh, how they suffer! The poor wretches who have fallen into the clutches of "Dr." ABBugosi, and been imprisoned (YES! Imprisoned!) in the D.O.L.L.S. House. He and his staff do unspeakable things to them. Unspeakable! OK, I'll speak about them........NO! NO! They're unspeakable! Abominable! Reprehensible!

And lelabug tries to gloss them over simply by calling me delusional. Huh! What's new about that? I've been labeled delusional (and worse) for many years! Well, I happen to believe in X-rays! So what? I get 50 X-rays a day on all parts of my body, just because I can, and to prove their healthfulnessness. Delusional? Not me!


looks like a nice doggy, what did s/he look like before s/he entered the doll's hospital? Maybe a lot more human. Is the good doctor a wizard who gets his spells mixed up. will the doggie have to kiss a toad or something to be returned to his/her former state and, apropos of nothing heretofore, where is David?


Yes, gerdgy-thingy-number........comfort is assured......
Snoopy-about-to-be-electrocuted......Uncle Adonis tells me it is hereditory......
Mr.Le-Squirt.......Your delusions continue to delude you in a very delusional way.......maybe one day you will come to your senses and see the TRUE WAY!........(which just happens to be the Bugosi Way)......
Gloria, Gloria, Gloria (Hee-Hee)!........

Lelabugosi, Lelabugosi, Lelabugosi (LOL)!


The horror! The horror! I'd hoped "Doctor" ABBugosi was too busy with his outside adventures and constant drunken partying, to keep returning to his victims in the D.O.L.L.S. House. But no, as we see he continues with his evil vivisectionist experimentation on the poor hapless souls who are held captive there. Oh the horror!

You see the " " marks around "Doctor" don't you? That's because cousin ABBugosi is NO REAL DOCTOR AT ALL, just a charlatan, a quack, a fakir with a "Degree" certificate printed and sold by the thousands by a bunch of hoodlums on some Caribbean island. Woe are the inmates of D.O.L.L.S., woe indeed when this b*st*rd comes around poking and prying, slicing and dicing, asking the most intimate questions FOR HIS OWN TITILLATION!

This hospital room is soooo " out of time " that it looks charming

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