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Life on the Lake

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540 pieces
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  1. bettyann552:08:09
  2. perogy2:14:28
  3. groop2:40:55
  4. mullnereva2:41:54
  5. nosnow_here2:46:21
  6. renataw2:47:50
  7. bentesorby2:52:48
  8. ridney3:00:14
  9. toffeejude3:02:06
  10. jigisup523:12:58


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A woman wrote to Reader's Digest and told of her husband's decision to put pontoons in their little plane. It was a long drive from the local airport in Maine to their cabin on a remote lake. On their first trip up there she was shocked to see her husband zero in on the airport and start his descent. She waited and waited for him to realize what he was doing, but finally on final approach she said, "You can't land this thing here." He pulled up without a word and flew on to the lake, where with complete control he calmly made a water landing. She was proud of how cool he was about the whole thing. Until the plane stopped and he opened the door and stepped out, and fell right into the lake!