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Not Touching Swirl Colored Plus Ovals (That's How I Filed It!( (Smaller)

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  1. BarbaraL1:27
  2. Rick1:33
  3. Nicolevd1:56
  4. madera1:57
  5. pdevredis1:58
  6. Scalle1:59
  7. caanan2:00
  8. life22:02
  9. lelabugosi2:04
  10. Mrs_Albion2:04


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Thank you, my dear! :-)))


Well, as you know, Ms. Pat, I'm so glad you're back. This is a great Welcome Back puzzle for the rest of us. :-)


I probably have a lot more time than most, since I'm retired, but I tend to try one thing at a time and work it every way I can before I move on. It's not the most full-of-surprises way to do things for people who solve my puzzles, but it's just my old stick-in-the-mud personality manifesting itself on Jigidi...! LOL!


Honestly Pat, I admire new creative variants. (There is a lot of digital techniques - and I have only scratched the surface. My time allows a tiny bit of learning every day.)


Thanks so much, Jan--I really missed being here! And I hope the ovals didn't poke you...! :-D


The perspective is AMAZING on this puzzle. It really does feel like it is protruding from the screen. Wonderful and fun!
Welcome back - YOU WERE MISSED!


Thanks, PJ and Ank--it's good to be back! I'm glad you both liked this--I'm not sure what made me decide to do it this way, or with these colors, so I'm happy it was okay with you!


Welcome back Pat, I hope you had a nice vacation.

If I take a long look to this puzzle they start to turn, funny. I like the colors.


Welcome back Pat. Wonderful swirl, what an exciting new version of swirling.


Before I left for vacation, I know I promised larger versions of several puzzles, some right before I went, and some from a while back. If anyone remembers one they wanted, could you please remind me?! I keep making new ones and forgetting my promises--I'm sorry! :-(((


Yes, like General MacArthur, I did, lela! Only, unlike Douglas and Hanne, I am not smoking a pipe..... Sorry about the bookmarks.... Well, not really, but it sounds nice...


Thanks, Ardy! I do have a way of making strange file names that only I understand--in this case, it's a "not touching" swirl because the loops in it come close to each other, but don't actually meet, unlike almost all of my others. It's "colored", which means that I first saved just the black and white drawing, and then I saved it after I colored it in (that lets me re-use the black and white drawing with other colors another day). And then I got a brainstorm and decided to add ovals--hence "plus ovals". When I saw that filing earlier, I just couldn't resist using it as the title...! LOL!

lelabugosi return!........(just as I was catching up on 'bookmarks' as well, also!).....


I'll file this under fun. Delightful variation of the swirl. Did I mention that it's good to have you back? It is!!!


Thanks so much, Barb--and it's so good to be back, too! :-)


I've missed your lovely swirls the last few days .... so glad you're back with my morning fix, Pat! :-))

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