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Lovely Roses for June (Jun19P02)

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“It was June, and the world smelled of roses.
The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.”

- Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy-Tacy and Tib

I would like to wish everyone who celebrates their birthday in June "A Very Happy Birthday.
May all of you be richly blessed with good abundance and enjoy good health."

This puzzle is posted in 4 sizes - 12, 108, 192 and 540 pieces. Please enjoy.

Cheerio, Jason.

jasonchung2 is my main account.
I also post puzzles at jasonchung (my second account).
jasonchung1 (my third account) is now a sealed account, however, you can still solve puzzles there.

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Thank you for the compliment, Anna.

I am happy that you like this puzzle though my skills in drawing and creating puzzles are very basic.

I like your work, too.


I love to create digital art. I post most of mine in a wallpaper site called Desktopnexus. I have made some in my account here, too. Enjoyed this puzzle....nice and bright. Thanks


Barb, it is my pleasure and I am happy that you have fun solving this puzzle.

And, of course, I am delighted that you appreciate the roses and the colours of this puzzle :-)

Best regards, Jason.


Real fun to put this together. I love the colors and the roses are great. Thank you, Jason :)


You are most welcome, Rita.

Thank you for the compliment.

I am delighted that you like this puzzle and have enjoyed solving it.

Yes, do try this puzzle in size 540 pieces. It will take a bit more time, however, you may find it to be even more enjoyable to piece it together. Just take your time and you will find it to be rather meditative.

Best regards, Jason.

Jason, thanks so much for another amazing puzzle. I think I'll try it in the largest size in a few days.


You are welcome, and thank you for the compliment, Robin.

Thank you for sovling this puzzle and I am glad that you like it :-)

Best regards, Jason.


This is so pretty. I love the colored stripes. Thank you for the time you put into this for us. :)))

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