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4 ~ 'Take a Picture not a Trophy' (Meerkat)

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Wise Words series.
*Max. level 216 pcs.
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  1. ljcowles0:17
  2. Ianto0:23
  3. treker0:24
  4. tisketsmum0:26
  5. esoinfo0:31
  6. PutterDutt0:32
  7. wshealy0:32
  8. christineEgbert0:33
  9. Pieridae0:33
  10. Fru0:34


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You're ab. right @tisketsmum they even (ab)use our butts to have a wider look for predators lol! These two 'know eachother' so it's kind of a familiar butt for him. ;-))
I love those little brave 'gatekeepers' who stand for hours to alert the family to come back home & watch over the kids while the others go hunting. :-)))

Thank you all for stopping by to leave a nice comment, I'm glad you enjoyed this cute & funny couple! :-)))


Even the butts! Thanks for the laugh, pukkiepuk! :o)


The extra height off the ground gives the meerkat a good vantage point thus proving that humans do have some uses :-))


Love it!


Haha! Meerkat is unaware of the body she stepped on, the photographer is unaware of the meerkat's existence ... Natural balance!

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