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Fly on a Magic Carpet to attend an August Celebration. All Are Welcome (Aug20P02)

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"When two friends understand each other totally, the words are soft and strong
like an orchid's perfume."
- Sara Jeannette Duncan.

Hello my dear friends,

It is August and I would like to welcome all of you to my 1st August 2020 puzzle where I am hosting a virtual party on a Virtual Alaskan Cruise for all to celebrate the birthdays of August babies, as well as wedding anniversaries and all happy occasions :-)

On this virtual cruise ship there are lots of onboard activities, shore excursions, and dining options.

Ah, I see friends and guests arriving on the Magic Carpets that have been sent to them to fly them over to this cruise vacation.

Here come the birthday cakes displayed on a trolley that is being rolled in by a virtual server. The cakes are offered in a variety of flavours and are beautifully decorated.

Let us sing "Happy Birthday" to all our August babies. Let us raise our glass of champagne to wish them good health and happiness. Cheers, everyone.

By now, all of you must have known that I love food. Well, the virtual food on this Virtual Cruise Ship to Alaska is just amazing and delicious. Their specialities are seafood - salmon, cod, halibut, Alaskan king crab, spot prawns, oysters and more.

We can dine at all the restaurants and and/or enjoy the buffets aboard the cruise ship. The food is simply wonderful and delicious.

During our shore excursions, friends who would like to try non-Alaskan food will find that there are Alaskan restaurants where they can choose from a diverse array of delicious foods - and yes, from all over the world.

Since we are in Alaska, it will be a good idea for us to try homegrown and homecaught food. May I suggest that we try fresh-caught Wild Salmon, huge Alaskan King Crabs, Sourdough Bread Bowl filled with Salmon Chowder and Alaskan Wild Berries.

In Summer, we can enjoy Alaskan flavourful and sweet wild berries. Alaskan blueberries, high-bush cranberries and other local wild berries are delicious. They are also available in jams, candies, pies and cobblers.

Friends who prefer non-seafood meal will find that options are always available for them.

While we are onboard the Virtual Cruise Ship, there are plenty of places for us to visit and lots of activities to keep us entertained, fit and healthy or looking beautiful. Here are some examples :

Gym, Spa and Beauty Salon, Hairdressing Salon, Art Gallery, Restaurants, Bars and Lounges, Family Lounges, Pool Deck, Outdoor and Indoor Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and Whirlpools, Onboard Library, Movie Theatre, Games and Card Room, etc.

For folks who like to engage in sporting pursuits there are Basketball Court, Ping Pong Tables, Miniature Golf Putting Course, Golf Driving Range, Shuffleboard, a special place for Inline Skating, a Rock Climbing Wall, etc.

There are many opportunities to learn something :

Dancing Classes, Language Learning Program, Jewelry Making, Folding Artistry Class for napkin and towel design, Culinary Demonstrations and Wine Tastings, Cocktails Mixing Demonstrations and Guest Lecturers sharing tips and advice on topics that they specialise in, eg weight control.

Deck Parties, Sports and Game Competitions are daily events.

And more Entertainment - movies, music, broadway shows, comedies, magic, etc.

Do remember that that there is Onboard Shopping for fine, duty-free merchandise - eg Swarovski, Chanel, Calvin Klein, wines, high-end jewellery, local crafts and souvenirs.

A day before we reach Alaska, the Virtual Organiser and his friendly assistants will be happy to give suggestions, advice and tips as well as make arrangments for day trips on land and activities that may be of interest to all of you.

Anchorage is Alaska's largest city and from here we can travel to the other areas.

A visit to Juneau :
Juneau is Alaska's Capital City. It is located in Southeast Alaska.

Among other activities, a visit to Mendenhall Glacier and whale watching can be arranged at Juneau. How about taking a chartered helicopter tour at Juneau. We will have an unforgettable perspective of the majestic mountains and glaciers of the vast Alaskan landscape. And then, there is The Taste of Juneau walking tour or the Alaska Fishing and Wilderness Dining experience - this is where we will catch fish and cook it over a fire.

A visit to Seward :
Seward is one of Alaska's tourist attractions and it is one of its oldest and most scenic with the steep Mount Marathon behind this town. This seaside village has a busy harbour, quaint shops and galleries. It is a 2.5 miles scenic drive south from Anchorage. We will enjoy a stroll along its Waterfront Park. Keen on dog sledding? We can try it here. Whales watching? Ok, let us head for Kenai Fjords National Park in Seward.

Ride the Alaska Railroad Grandview Scenic Train from Anchorage to Seward :
This wilderness train route is scenic and relaxing. We will see picturesque glaciers, towering waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and mountains.

Cruise Misty Fjords near Ketchikan :
We will see green mossy cliffs as we cruise along this stunning and gorgeous landscape.

Rent a bike and explore Anchorage's Coastal Trail :
We can do The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail which follows the shore of Cook Inlet from downtown Anchorage to Kincaid Park. We will cycle along this 11 miles of paved path and explore the surrounding areas. As this trail is near the coast, we will get sweeping views of the rugged forests and the expansive ocean.

Visit Denali National Park :

This is a vast wilderness of taiga (boreal) forests of pines and spruce growing below towering peaks. This coniferous forest covers the hills and valleys of the northern part of Alaska. We will see aspen groves and spruce and then there are the meadows, marshes, lakes and rivers with wild animals. Denali is North America's tallest peak. Denali National Park will be an attraction for folks who like the wilderness, the wonder of spruce forest, snow-capped mountain peaks and fresh air.

Visit Glacier National Park :
Sail and admire the icy beauty of impressive glaciers, for example, the Hubbard Glacier and theTracy Arm Fjord.

For folks who are interested in shopping, this can always be arranged.

Dear Friends, thank you for joining me at this Monthly Virtual Party. Thank you for being such wonderful and friendly guests. I can see that many of you have mingled happily with mutual friends and have joined in various onboard activities as well as enjoying excursions together.

Before we disembark from the Virtual Cruise Ship, I would like to present all my friends with some souvenirs from Alaska : Birch Syrup, Jams and Jellies made from handpicked Alaskan berries. I hope that you will like these gifts.

I hope that all of you have enjoyed this virtual cruise and that you will enjoy solving this puzzle, too.

See you all on the 1st September for another virtual adventure.

This puzzle is available in 4 sizes - 12, 108, 252 and 540 pieces.

Jason :-)

jasonchung2 is my main account.
I also post puzzles at jasonchung (my second account).
jasonchung1 (my third account) is now a sealed account, however, you can still solve puzzles there.

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You are most welcome, Sbonnor :-)

Thank you for taking the time to write a note of thanks
and to let me know that you have enjoyed my puzzle :-)

With Smiles of Gratitude.
Jason :-)

Thank you for the fun solve!







Thank you Jason love the puzzle. Pray for all mankind. Keep safe.


Rita, thank you for participating in the tours of this cruise :-)

The wonderful thing about virtual food is that you can enjoy them without any side effects (even is you are allergic to them or do not like their taste in real life.

I enjoy the seafood that Alaska has to offer. They are absolutely fresh and tasty.

Virtual Food Smiles,
Jason :-)

Jason, I've had a wonderful time. I took the train from Anchorage to Seward. I so enjoyed the lobster and prawns. Though I'm usually allergicc to shellfish, turns out not to be a problem on this cruise.
hope you and John are well. Love, Rita


You are most welcome, Barb :-)

Welcome to this virtual Alaskan cruise :-)

Thank you for the compliment on this puzzle. I appreciate it.

Smiles of Appreciation,


Fun solve and such nice colors. Thank you, Jason :)


Welcome on board this Virtual Cruise Ship, John :-)

Oh yes, it is a fun vacation and may all the good wishes come true for you :-)

Stay safe and be healthy and well.

Vacation Smiles,


Jason, Thank you, these are some very nice wishes from you. Sounds like a fun vacation. Be healthy. John


Advia, welcome on board :-)

I am happy that you like this mini vacation in Alaska.

Do take part in as many of the suggested activities as you would like to participate in.

John and I send greetings and hugs to you.

Virtual Hugs and Smiles,
Jason and John :-))


Hello Cat_astrophe,

I am pleased to meet you, Welcome to my puzzle page.

Happy Birthday, Cat_astrophe. May you receive many blessings on your birthday and may you enjoy good health. A toast to your good health and happiness :-)

I am delighted to learn that this puzzle has brought back good memories of the Alaskan cruise that you had as part of a world cruise :-) This has made it worthwhile to draw and create this puzzle.

Stay safe and well, my new friend at Jigidi.

Virtual Cruise Smiles,
Jason :-)


This is a welcome idea to spend a vacation in Alaska, especially with this variety of activities. Thank you for your entertainment. Greetings to you and John, returning the wishes from your completion message.

Thank you for the puzzle and the Birthday wishes as I'm an August baby. I loved the virtual cruise too as it bought back memories of the cruise we did to Alaska as part of a World cruise. Happy days.

Stay safe and well x

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