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Garden Olympics: "Bee-athlon 2021"

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Me too, Kathie. Can't imagine my life without the internet anymore these days. Downstairs I have my tablet on a side table next to my chair. I pick it up to check anything ever so often. I also have the app on my tablet for my bankings!

Congratulations on your Squash doing so well! Liertje's cucumber plants (two of them) are doing well too. One cucumber is now about 15 cm and looks good. Several others are still small but also growing nicely! We've had a few ripe small tomatoes last week and tonight again. They taste nice and sweet!


I just love these conversations! Check my email, check my Jididgi; not sure which one is most important at this point! I enjoy the photos, puzzle & friendship SO much!
I Hate those zappers, those electronic fly swatters; and, to think they Laugh. ;-(
Right, we Need pollination; my God in heaven, no food for us without it!
Impie! Today, just in from my Squash garden (6 ft high now!) found 7 string(less) beans 6 yellow & one purple! You'd think I found gold! One cucumber, #2 so far! Such joy!


Yeah, tiskutsmum...LOL

I guess so, Ella, he kept hanging like this for quite a while. He probably was wondering why I stood there upside down! LOL

Yeah, Anne, those eyes!!! I so love taking macro photos! :)

LOL Kathie. Yes, the Dutch Olympic team likes to "Bee" noticed. He was enjoying the Cosmos flower and didn't sit really still, so I have some blurry photos too. When he was hanging like this I almost touched him with the lens!
Yes. we sure need them. We have new neighbours a couple of gardens away from us. I don't know their nationality, but they seem to hate insects of any kind. They have an electric swapper and we constantly hear the sound of insects being electrocuted and they seem to enjoy it too because they're laughing their heads off. We can't do anything about it because those swappers aren't illegal, but why would anyone want to kill an insect in your garden that only wants to pollinate your plants. I don't getit if you're so frustrated by insects, why accept a house with a garden? (It's a rental house just like mine)

Thank you, GG. I was in a silly mood, I also thought of "Cosmos" bee-ing taking to a whole new level, but I figured that would be a bit too much! ☺☺

Thank you, Dobra. My son takes photos of many different insects. Did you by any chance ever come across his pages? He really takes nice clear photos.
His username is Liertje1978


Charming shot! I also like to take pictures of them, but I don't always succeed. They tend to be restless - they are very busy! :-)


This made me laugh, Impie! Very clever, and great photo!! ☺☺


The Dutch Olympic team!! I think he's Cute! Had one chasing me around my little deck today; but, I quickly opened the slider, stepped in, & left him looking for me!
I absolutely love bees....we cannot exist without them.


Great idea...hilarious:-))))


Oh my!!! He looks like a monster! Fascinating photograph.


He/She must be competing in a gymnastics event. :-)


Gold medal!

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